Bellay Babu, aylavuu

Passion. It shouldn’t be effortless. If you really are passionate about something, it should never cease to be a challenge. Every time, stepping up your game. No, it shouldn’t be effortless. It should be natural.

Loving you is like dancing. It isn’t effortless, but it sure feels natural.

Bellay Babu

Do you feel it?

The slow mellow medium carrying repetitive arpeggios that, with such perfect strings of definite frequencies, pulsate from under your skin to even deeper, bursting into a transition of movements that can only imagine to define you and what you are?

Baila! Baila!

They say. Do you dare listen to the soft but sharp staccatos drilling on your heart, causing it to hurdle over the previous beat while maintaining rhythmic buoyancy? Do you dare let them take over you? Overcome you with amazement and wonder and awe as you surrender to their promise of long-awaited manifestation of intrinsic beauty?

Do you dare give it life like it would you?

Dancing. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, but the easiest thing to choose. It is automatic. Unquestionable. I know it is mine a passion to forever express.

And although we embrace the easy tasks, despise the difficult, praise doing things effortlessly, and plead that we are given nothing out of its boundaries; something comes along and changes our minds. We find we do it not effortlessly, but naturally.

That is dancing to me.

Rarely is it ever easy.  But I do it anyways simply because I am meant to and love it that way.

Eye contact is a dangerous, dangerous thing. But lovely. God, so lovely.
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animal abuse makes me sick if i ever saw that shit happening i will literally murder the person. so disgusting


ooc: Can we talk about this for a sec? I want to talk about this. Because if Zeke turns out not to be Lucifer, I’m going to be heartbroken.
Because… because the conversation he had with dean is downright tear worthy if it is Luce. Think about it. That would be Lucifer, who definitely didn’t ever get along with Dean, telling dean that what he’s doing is right. That his actions are justified because he was looking out for his brother. Lucifer- whose last interaction with Dean was losing power over Sam’s body because of Dean before being thrown back into the cage with michael in hand- is telling DEAN that he’s doing the right thing by protecting his younger brother. Knowing Lucifer’s history with michael, how can this not break your heart? It’s all Lucifer wanted out of Michael, his support and love, which he never got. And if this is Lucifer… then he’s trying to enable that support and love in sam and dean despite the fact that its the thing that defeated him.

And let’s look at the evidence for a sec: “wounded during the fall”, the condition of his wings, his general understanding of how sam and dean work (aka knowing that sam would say yes to dean), how he hesitates to name himself and only does when dean asks for “a name.” not “his name”, how he’s aware that sam COULD eject him, and the way he carries himself…

I’m going to go lay down and cry now, ok?

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what if tattoos just randomly appeared on our skin at key points in our lives and we had to figure out what they meant for ourselves

That’s actually a really cool story prompt

somebody write this omg

i’d read the fuck out of that

my little pony

the thing you are wanting

it’s my little pony



I see no difference

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the youngest  person in the world just got born


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